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Welcome to The Biographies!

We’re excited to announce our opening. The fact that you’re here means that you’re a part of something new, and that fills me with joy.


Our Story

Like many innovations, the idea for The Biographies was born out of a frustration.

There are so many amazing black-owned products and services out there that I wanted to buy, but couldn’t find one central place to get them all. I had to scour the interwebs to find what I was looking for, purchase them from different websites and hope they all came at around the same time.

Then the idea came – why doesn’t someone house them all (or at least most of them!) in one place? One shop. One destination.

I didn’t see why that someone couldn’t be me. Thus, The Biographies was born.


Why is it called “The Biographies”?

A huge part of the reason why people are reluctant to buy from black-owned businesses is because of the (perceived) lack of information. People aren’t sure who they’re buying from, who they’re giving their money to, whether or not they’ll get their items in the way they’ve been described. And that’s not just the case for black-owned products and services, but any business in their infancy. There are so many entrepreneurs out there who strive to be trusted and bought from, but due to their lack of exposure in the mainstream, their voices are suppressed by louder, more established brands.

So, the simple answer was to give brand owners the opportunity to tell their stories.

Having the right information is integral to all our decision-making.

So, the simple answer was to give brand owners the opportunity to tell their stories. And it’s The Biographies’ job to spread them far and wide. That’s the first, if not the most important, reason why The Biographies exists. So for every like, share and comment, we’re helping raise the profile of each brand owner and in turn, their brand.


That’s why you’ll often see the word “author” used to describe our vendors, and that’s why with each purchase, you become a part of their Biography.


So, in a nutshell, The Biographies exists to:

– empower both entrepreneur and customer to trade confidently, and

– educate users through the power of storytelling


So whilst you’re here, we encourage you to browse the site, explore and buy – but most importantly, watch and share the Biographies posted on this site ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re by no means complete yet – we still have so many products to stock, services to provide, and so many stories to still tell! With your help, we can spread the word about the new way to shop ‘black’.

If you know a Biography that’s worth sharing, or a product or service that’s worth stocking on this site, why don’t you nominate them by contacting us?



We hope you enjoy your experience here.


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